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Why You Could – and Should – Raise Your I.Q. and Status with Vocabulary

We all know that human intelligence is measured in a large part in the way we speaks. And the way we talk is a reflection of the sophistication of our thoughts.

Words are tools of thought. It makes sense that intelligent people have a larger than typical vocabulary. They think better than others so they must have more “thinking units”.

Scientists have consistently established the direct correlation between the size of a person’s vocabulary and their IQ score and that all successful people have a big database of words to think and speak with.

But there’s more to it – much, much more.

See, when you start to work your vocabulary – meaning, expanding it rapidly and using it in daily life, something pretty miraculous happens.

1. More / better words allows for richer and more to-the-point thinking.
2. Richer thinking means increased and comprehensive understanding of information and situations.
3. Increased comprehension means more rapid (and effective) intake of incoming communication.
4. More rapid intake means faster processing of that information.
5. Faster processing of information translated in layman’s terms – you’re getting smarter, faster.

Grow your vocabulary and you WILL get smarter.

It is unavoidable: if you intentionally input more words into your mind, then your mind will start humming like a well-greased engine. Which is something I bet you’ve already had a taste of with the Vocabulary Zone Free Trial.

Unapologetic promotion aside, I’d like to show just how deep that effect goes. Countless studies have shown that when you get serious about learning words, using them, and reading more – your brain actually changes. Physical changes, the kind that can be measured and displayed on a screen.

It’s fascinating. The more astute and agile your thinking becomes, the more your brain will adapt to that upgraded way of thinking. Vocabulary does really make you more intelligent.

It’s the smart, lucid thinkers who go places. Success comes to clever people, because they know how to spot and grab opportunities faster than others.

Deliberately expanding your vocabulary will take you places too.

Written by Greg Ragland, President, CEO of CommEdge LLC producers of Vocabulary Zone and the corresponding Vocabulary Certifications: College Preparedness, Ph.D. Vocabulary and Executive Level Vocabulary

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