College Preparedness Certification

College-Bound Kids?
Accelerate their learning (and confidence) with Vocabulary Zone’s College Preparedness Certification.

Over the past 11-years, we have been helping high schoolers prepare for college by expanding the depth and breadth of their vocabulary.

Much more than rote-memorization, “I’ll brain dump it tomorrow” SAT/ACT test prep, our coursework will transform their newfound language into a tool to help them survive – and thrive – in higher education.

The program will increase their reading comprehension, hone their writing skills and help them stand out among their peers.

The Scientific Link Between Vocabulary and Success in College

Numerous studies have found that the breadth and depth of your vocabulary will likely determine both your success in school and your financial success post-graduation

STUDY ONE: In one study, multiple universities enrolled groups of Freshmen into a vocabulary course similar to Vocabulary Zone. Students who completed the vocabulary program did better in their sophomore, junior, and senior years than control groups of similar students who did not take the vocabulary course.

STUDY TWO: In a separate study, a research firm gave college graduates a vocabulary test and then followed their careers for 20 long years. In every case, without a single exception, the college graduates who scored in the top 10% on the vocabulary test went on to be in the top income bracket, while the college graduates who scored in the bottom 5% went on to be in the bottom income bracket.


if you want your kids to be successful in college, and more importantly in their career, then the strength of their vocabulary has to match their desired success.

Vocabulary Zone’s College Prep Training will accelerate your kids’ transition to the rigors of college coursework.

Vocabulary Zone helps your kids master words, so that they will better comprehend what they are reading, be more precise and convincing with their writing, and navigate complex language of tough college exams with confidence.

90% of college classes are top-heavy with reading and writing, meaning weak vocabulary results in weaker grades. The best way to improve both your reading comprehension and writing skills is to improve and expand your vocabulary.

Help Your Kids Dominate College Get Them Certified

Vocabulary Zone’s College Preparedness Certification represents the ‘silver bullet’ pathway to overcome and annihilate multiple obstacles to gaining entry – and dominating – in college.

This certification program and coursework will get your kids better SAT / ACT scores, which will get them into a better school, which will boost their confidence on day one, which will elevate them above their peers throughout their higher education experience.

Make sure your college bound student is prepared for the rigors of college and beyond. Sign up today to unlock the full Vocabulary Zone system and start the process of earning our prestigious College Preparedness Certification.

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