PhD Vocabulary Certification

Translate the Sluggish Language of Academia into High-Impact, Success-Driven Communication

Be Prepared to Excel in Graduate School and Beyond!

Earn the PhD Vocabulary Certification

One of the biggest hurdles for Graduate Students and PhD Candidates is communicating the hyper-complex ideas of a thesis to a widely varied audience.

Transforming the quickly memorized, passive vocabulary learned in academia into active, high-impact daily vocabulary will give you a sizable edge on your competition.

Our PhD Vocabulary Certification Program will give you the public status to reflect the behind the scenes gains you’ll make with Vocabulary Zone.

Leap Ahead Your Competition in Academia with the PhD Vocabulary Certification

Vocabulary Zone administers a series of tests to assess your PhD Vocabulary retention and comprehension.

A 90% passing score will unlock a validated entry in our blockchain registry AND you will be issued a certificate that can be added to your resume, graduate school application and LinkedIn profile.

You are already smart. Now you need to *sound* smart.

Despite the clear distinction in education and smarts between PhDs and typical
business leaders, corporate executives achieve more success, in part, because they *sound* smarter. Numerous studies have traced the cause of this disparity to volume and quality of vocabulary. This gap can be closed simply with Vocabulary Zone, and cemented with the PhD Vocabulary Certification.

Legitimize Your Newly Elevated Vocabulary Get Certified

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INCLUDES Executive Vocabulary Certification to give you an edge on a career
inside or outside academia.

INCLUDES Executive Vocabulary Certification to give you an edge on a career inside or outside academia.

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