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Would You Follow Someone Wearing a Suit Across the Street, Illegally? The Surprising Power of Vocabulary and Image

How much does our appearance and the words we use truly impact the way people perceive us? In a world where people often make snap judgments based on appearances, clothing, and language, the power of image and vocabulary should not be underestimated.

The Science Behind the Power of Image

In the book Influence – Science & Practice, Robert Cialdini cites a fascinating social experiment where a man crossed the street illegally in two different attires: a suit and a casual outfit. The results were astonishing: 350% more people were willing to follow the man in the suit across the street against a red light (and, incidentally, against the law).

The key factor in this study was the absence of any other information about the person. Participants were forced to make an assessment and judgment based solely on the man’s attire. When dressed casually, people were less inclined to follow him, but when he wore a suit, his perceived status instantly increased, and people were instinctively more apt to follow his lead.

Combining Image and Vocabulary for Maximum Impact

In today’s world, with a myriad of dress codes ranging from business formal to casual, it can be challenging to project the right image. However, one powerful tool at your disposal is the words you use to express yourself.

Ask yourself: Are you communicating with important people using “suit words” — powerful, expressive words that convey intelligence, expertise, experience, and authority? Or are you using “Casual Friday words” — mediocre, ordinary, and uninspired words that make you seem average?

If you want to be a leader who people respect and follow (and even follow across the street illegally), you need to speak with a “suit vocabulary” — the vocabulary of a high-level executive.

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