Zoe May

After graduating college, I started my career as a marketing coordinator for a relatively large insurance company. I knew that my line of work would require an aptitude for communication and writing, which I had. With these skills, I was successful at my job and I often received praise for my work. But, despite my capacity to complete projects, I wasn’t advancing as quickly as I desired.

It wasn’t until I discovered Vocabulary Zone that I realized I was missing a vital tool for success – a robust vocabulary. After starting the Vocabulary Zone Program, I noticed that writing emails and content became easier. My words were more precise and my communication was more fluid and succinct.

I began to apply my new enhanced vocabulary to my daily dialogue with peers and management. The results were indisputable. My precise words and new-found confidence garnered the attention of upper management. They started asking for my opinion on major strategic decisions and began inviting me to their weekly executive meetings. Within a few months, I was promoted to marketing manager and was given a significant raise.

Combined with diligence, developing a robust and expansive vocabulary has undoubtedly advanced my career and created more professional opportunities. I highly recommend Vocabulary Zone to any person looking to improve their communication skills and accelerate their career success.

JR Unverzagt

Your Vocabulary Programs have been absolutely instrumental in growing my career as a construction professional. Since I started using executive vocabulary in 2010, until as recently as last year in a refresher round, with Vocabulary Zone, your training has been a vital component in helping me get to the next level in my career.

I speak clearer and with greater precision. I also have more poise and confidence speaking in front of others. As a result, I’ve advanced from a field Foreman, to project Superintendent, and into estimating and Project Management.

Your vocabulary training has made it easier and more “natural” for me to transition from the field nto an office environment where I regularly interact with executives.

The way your program works is almost magical to me. I say that because I not only learned more words, but understood the words, and recalled them easily. Using them properly too.

Granison Shines

I have always inherently understood the importance of having and speaking with a good vocabulary. As serial entrepreneur and a C-Suite executive, I have found that good communication skills are paramount to being successful in business. So, when I met Greg Ragland at a marketing workshop and he told me about his vocabulary training, I was very intrigued. In fact, I started his vocabulary training the next week.

I was very impressed with the word selection in Vocabulary Zone – the words they teach are smart, practical words that I was familiar with but didn’t regularly use in my daily communication. The lessons do a fantastic job of showing you exactly when, where and how to use a word in proper context. After finishing a lesson, I find that more words come to mind when I’m communicating.

The program is very intuitive and user-friendly. I like how audio lessons, which facilitate teaching on the go, are combined with interactive quizzes that I can take on any device. It’s been easy to integrate the Vocabulary Zone training into my daily routine.

I have also had my daughters listen to some of the lessons with me. They are also improving their
vocabularies, which has translated to them earning better grades in school.

I highly recommend Vocabulary Zone to anyone looking to hone their communication skills at work. You will become a better writer, public speaker and overall good communicator if you do the Vocabulary Zone training.

Miki Sever

Your vocabulary training helped me to enrich my kids’ and other kids’ English. They are now grown up with a wonderful vocabulary which assists them in their respective fields of work. Your training also helped me with my English as a second language. I conduct much of my business as CEO in English and your training has helped immensely.

Seta Mounikan

English is my fifth language. For the majority of my career, I have worked as a patent paralegal at one of the most prestigious law firms in Silicon Valley. I came to the United States when I was 18 years old and didn’t speak a word of English. Believe me when I say, your program helped me tremendously!

Your vocabulary training provided a boost to my communication skills and confidence. Working in the legal profession in Silicon Valley interacting with attorneys and tech executives requires superb communication skills. Purchasing your program, listening and learning new words, helped me expand my vocabulary immensely. It also helped me to get promoted and advance my career.

Arno Geldenhuys

I purchased Vocabulary Zone inspired by the claimed link between vocabulary and economic success. I still believe that this correlation exists, and it is a great reason to start improving your own vocabulary and that of your children, but the unexpected boon was that my improved vocabulary helped me to improve happiness. Words are how we communicate with others, as well as ourselves internally. They are the instrument by which we grasp the thoughts of others, and influence the way other people think, and they have a great deal of power. By improving my ability to communicate my thoughts and feelings, I have been able to improve my self-esteem and relationships. Improving my vocabulary has been my the best investment in self improvement I’ve ever made.

Greg Brown, MBA

Your Vocabulary Training programs have dramatically improved my vocabulary and career trajectory. It has prepared me to confidently and intelligently communicate with senior executives on a daily basis at a Fortune 500 company. This exposure has helped me accelerate my career from an assistant analyst, to analyst, to senior analyst, to a manager in 3 years.

Dr. William Brightman

A major key to success in your career and in life is having a strong vocabulary. Vocabulary zone is a program that fosters that growth in an easy to understand approach.

Curt Padilla

In school I was the student who excelled in math but was average in English. As my career began to move upward, I realized that my job would require email exchanges and conversations with C suite individuals. I also realized shortcomings with my vocabulary, as a result I engaged Vocabulary Zone. With little daily effort on my end, I watched my vocabulary increase and more importantly it manifested in my emails and conversations. I would recommend Vocabulary Zone to anyone looking to hone their communications skills at work.

Police Commander Jose Fernandez

Your vocabulary program has enabled me to confidently communicate to hundreds of community members and activists at a time during my community engagement events. I’m continually honing my skills and your original program Executive Vocabulary and now Vocabulary Zone are a part of my continued education and training. I’ve been using your program for over 15 years now!
Thank you!

Greg Renkenberger

Your vocabulary training is outstanding. Improving my vocabulary with your techniques and offerings provided a confidence boost when meeting with c-level executives. It also proved to be valuable in my personal conversations. I highly recommend your training to family, friends and colleagues.

Jessicka Rambus

I did the Vocabulary Zone program because I was in an MBA program. I felt the Vocabulary builder would provide me the additional emphasis I needed to construct all the written papers required to complete the MBA program. It did. I have always been a decent writer, however the Vocabulary Zone helped me use better words to more clearly and succinctly articulate my ideas.
Ruth Clem


“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.”