So, you want to be successful
in your career.

You’d like to advance through the ranks, impress decision-makers and be the star of your own show but do you know how?

Believe it or not, there’s one astoundingly easy step you can take.

Across industries and disciplines, successful people share one trait:

They have great vocabularies.

They can speak well, educate themselves through complex reading and communicate their written ideas effectively.

That makes them smarter and sends their achievement levels into the stratosphere.

Unlike many others, they’ve overcome the difficult roadblocks that prevent us from communicating effectively.

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The complexities of vocabulary often cause us to flounder.

No matter how deep our understanding or how complex our level of knowledge, poor communication will always get in the way.

Ask yourself:

Do you have trouble finding the right word when writing or speaking?

Do you stumble over your words when trying to impress important people?

Are you afraid to speak in public?

Have you ever had a great idea, but couldn’t get anyone behind it due to poor communication?

Do you struggle to make a lasting impression when you meet decision-makers and people who

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you’re not taking your vocabulary seriously enough.

So, what exactly does that mean for your career?

Good question.

It means if you’re not taking your vocabulary seriously, then you’re letting yourself – and your career – down.

Research is clear: Those with larger vocabularies accomplish more, connect more and make a greater impact on the world.

Studies at the Human Engineering Lab tracked thousands of successful people from all fields, industries and disciplines. The goal was to uncover the traits that successful people share.

They found only one.

Only one trait shared by accomplished people in all fields:

A topnotch command of the English language.

The Human Engineering Lab’s president at the time, Johnson O’Conner, explained that “words are the instruments, by means of which, men and women grasp the thoughts of others and which they do much of their own thinking. They are the tools of thought.”

Don’t you wish you had those tools of thought at your command?

Armed with a good vocabulary, you can even improve your IQ.

Vocabulary and IQ form a virtuous circle, in which understanding more words allows you to access more knowledge, and the more you know, the more easily you can learn new words.

The conclusion is simple: The better your vocabulary, the smarter you get.

Intelligence is not fixed. You can improve it at any time.

Largely that’s because of your working memory. When you learn something, that information heads directly to working memory. From there, it is either stored in your long-term memory or discarded.

Think of the working memory as a small hard drive: As soon as new information comes in, the existing material is overwritten.

If that happens before you can move information from your short-term to long-term memory, you’ve lost it.

One of the most common disruptors of long-term storage is:

Not understanding a word

Therefore, not knowing how to store that knowledge

Losing new information before you can form that crucial bridge

Letting increased intelligence slip through your fingers


The good news is, the more words you learn, the more effective you become at moving new ideas and concepts from working memory to your actual knowledge bank. It’s as simple as that.

The applications to your career are obvious: Learn more about your job, impress more people and climb the ladder faster.

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Developing a better vocabulary doesn’t have to be painful or difficult.

Nevertheless, many people have had little success in the past expanding their vocabularies.

Our teachers tell us from the time we’re children that words are important, and we believe them. We study vocab sheets and take quizzes and sweat over SAT prep.

… but then those hard-earned words seem to disappear once we leave the studying behind.

Guess what? Those words are still there.

Now, instead of living in your active vocabulary, they’ve moved to your passive vocabulary. That means you still understand them, but you lack the skill to use them in everyday writing and speaking.

Moreover, once you get good at incorporating words into your active vocabulary, you’ll also hone your ability to learn brand new words.

What’s different about Vocabulary Zone?

Many vocabulary courses only stick for a little bit, but Vocabulary Zone’s unique approach will stay with you for life.

Why does our system work so much more effectively than other vocabulary courses? Because we:

Place words in context so you actually know how to use them in your own speaking and writing

Don’t rely on rote memorization

Teach you how to use words you already know

Offer additional words needed to understand the most complex ideas, reading materials and
conversations with people who matter to your career

Enable you to respond with your own excellent communication

Doesn’t that sound like a better way to advance your career than pandering, working 100 hours a week or simply hoping for the best?

So how does it work?

How exactly does our efficient and proven strategy work?

We don’t teach you a raft of big new words. You have little use for a vocabulary full of multi-syllable words such as “remunerative” and “saxicolous.” (If you are interested in learning obscure words like these, most word of the day email programs will suffice)

Instead, we help you cement your understanding of words career people need in everyday life.

That way, you’re boosting your IQ and communicating effectively with people who matter.

Through context-rich, accessible and digestible lessons as short as 2 minutes long, you can add new words to your active vocabulary, boost your learning and grow more intelligent with
each passing day.

Now instead of stressing about each interaction with the CEO, you can trust your words to be there for you.

Vocabulary Zone is the best program for improving your vocabulary and command of the English language, hands down.

So, What Are You Waiting For? Get Started Today!

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